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A key challenge for all businesses in our digitally driven economy is their endeavor to build an IT infrastructure that is both widely open to the benefits of the constantly evolving number of the SaaS offerings and at the same time tightly closed to the security risks that come together with the internet territory. Additionally, the businesses of all sizes should take similar balancing decisions on the appropriate levels of outsourcing and ownership: should they develop in-house and own more, or should they outsource everything and own less?

This demo web application aspires to be inspirational on this matter using web4thejob and a number of other free on line services.

The Problem

Let's assume you're a web4thejob Community developer who needs to have a web based Personal Organizer for keeping track of your projects and following the activities of the web4thejob Community. You also want to have the application installed on the cloud so that it is constantly accessible from either your laptop or your tablet. Finally, you want to be able to create user accounts with limited access for the people you either work with or work for.

The Solution

This sandbox aspires to solve the aforementioned problem by topping web4thejob's intrinsic functionality with 1 joblet and 1 plugin. The joblet dubbed "myprojects" provides the relation schema that will host your business data, while the plugin named "mycalendar" facilitates a flexible calendar view of your agenda similar to that of Google Calendar. A second joblet dubbed "mydocumentation" is also installed but its purpose is strictly educational, i.e. it embeds a dynamic help bar at the right hand-side of the screen that provides on-line help based on your actions.

The sandbox demonstrates the coupling of various public data services (e.g. twitter and github timelines, google maps frames, a countdown clock from countdown.org and incorporation of numerous other web pages) with the private business data of your application. All these are glued together nicely by the sophisticated panel-based UI engine of web4thejob and safeguarded by its flexible security policies. This way you remain the sole owner of your business sources (i.e. the joblet) and its data to change them as you see fit.

Note: All changes in this sandbox are cleaned frequently by an automated procedure. Therefore you are encouraged to experiment with the application as much as you like. However, if you catch yourself messing with the configuration too much, or notice some unexpected behavior while using the sandbox online, consider downloading a private copy of this sandbox so that the changes you perform will not impact the experience of others and vice versa.

The User Accounts

The License

Except where otherwise noted, the sources and the content on this sandbox is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

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